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Embodied Cognition in Virtual Environments with Diachronic Analysis of Linguistic and Visual Inputs
Ph.D Project- Jason Armitage

Ph.D Project- Jason Armitage

Diachronic analysis of cognitive structures has been conducted through the study of spatial
relationships in texts, images, and maps. Recent research in multimodal machine learning
presents exciting opportunities to extend this analysis to embodied cognition by placing artificial agents in virtual environments. Consider an agent that must navigate a virtual rendering of a location using linguistic instructions, visual cues, and spatial information derived from contemporaneous guidebooks and maps. The agent will be required to learn and apply representations of space that are derived from the source documents from the time period under study. In the performance of actions based on linguistic instructions, the agent interacts with the environment to develop and display spatial abilities that are shaped by the materials that it learns from. The proposed research will enable diachronic analysis of cognitive structures in relation to locations and entities in the artefacts under investigation.