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Eva Cetinić
Postdoctoral fellow

Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Eva Cetinić is postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Digital Visual Studies since September 2021. She previously worked as a postdoc in Digital Humanities and Machine Learning at the Department of Computer Science, Durham University, and as a postdoctoral researcher and professional associate at the Ruđer Boškovic Institute in Zagreb. She obtained her Ph.D. in Computer science from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb in 2019 with the thesis titled “Computational detection of stylistic properties of paintings based on high-level image feature analysis”. Besides being generally interested in the interdisciplinary field of digital humanities, her specific interests focus on studying new research methodologies rooted in the intersection of artificial intelligence and art history. Particularly, she is interested in exploring deep learning techniques for computational image understanding and multimodal reasoning in the context of visual art.

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