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Digital Histories of Contemporary Art History
Research Questions

Research Questions

  • How can the history of art history of the past decades be analyzed, narrated, and visualized?
  • How do methodologies and terminology evolve in time and space and in social and institutional networks?
  • Can discursive trends in the discipline be demonstrated, and can they be predicted? Can a topic network and metahistory of art history be computed semi-automatically like in the sciences?
  • Can keywords and other metadata in scientific publications show the history of the relevance of certain topics across time?
  • Can we infer research trends from teaching materials such as syllabi and introductory books?
  • How has digital art history developed? What is the impact of the digital turn onto the discipline of art history?
  • What is the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and of other major events such as 9/11 on the discipline?