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Interfacing Texts and Images with Artificial Intelligence
Research Questions

Research Questions

  • What are the methods for interfacing text and images as to understand images better through texts, and, more daringly, texts through images?
  • Can the dense, complex, and meaning-producing historical text-image combinations such as emblems offer semiotic models for analyzing today’s imprese-like modes of communication in Social Media or advertising?
  • What are the aesthetics of contemporary diagrammatic data visualizations?
  • How can we imagine new, interfaced search engines as to access textual and image data mostly without metadata by crossing the medial boundaries of each towards the other (e.g. accessing image collections through illustrated books and vice-versa)?
  • How can we link textual and visual data to create spatio-temporal representations of and access to knowledge?
  • Can we formalize the specifically art historical scholarly rhetorics and creation of evidence that emerges from text-image interfacing?
  • Can intermodal interfaces help us deconstruct and better understand specific assumptions about perception behind computer vision?
  • Can neural recognition combine textual and visual entities?
  • What do visual structures of text (layout of frontispieces etc.) tell about the ways of imparting knowledge?
  • What are the specifically historical rhetorics of evidence that combine text and images?
  • How do technologies and the visual rhetoric of illustrations and reproductions evolve from book printing to digital publication media?