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Artistic Research in Art History
Research Questions

Research Questions

  • What is the impact of research infrastructures onto the experience and notion of art?
  • What are the social, psychological, aesthetic practices of art history?
  • How will the aesthetic approaches to knowledge be in the future? Are there alternative accesses to and representations of knowledge?
  • Can we imagine transdisciplinary knowledge that produces new notions of art by studying its past manifestations?
  • What new practice-based epistemologies emerge when utilizing computational methods to explore and analyze large collections?
  • How can artistic research approaches critically contribute to the analytic and exploratory use of machine learning in art history and the humanities? Can we learn, study and re-enact art and architectural history with and not just through machines?
  • What is the role and position of embodiment in AI in the humanities?
  • How can digital reconstructions of historical events and settings contribute to their understanding? How do real and virtual spatial settings (e.g. of libraries) impact access and research?