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Informational Discourses of the Art System
Research Questions

Research Questions

  • How do analogue and digital information systems shape the discourses of art and art history?
  • What is the epistemic impact of the transformation of analogue information systems such as libraries, photographic collections and publications into digital infrastructures?
  • How can digital information infrastructures and their evolving forms, contents and contexts be made an object of historical research?
  • What are the epistemic and ideological categories implicit in information infrastructures?
  • How do information systems construct the (art) object?
  • What is the difference between historical taxonomies and today‚Äôs ontological models? How would specifically art historical CIDOC models look like?
  • How much and what aspects of a non-digital object can be digitized, modeled and made accessible? What information gets lost in the process during digitization and modelling?
  • How do digital media and resources impact reading, writing and epistemic practices and methods?
  • Can we computationally analyze the digital methods and infrastructures of past research projects?