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VORD Workshop
Working session

Working session

On May 10th, from 9:45 until 12:30 we held an informal workshop and discussion on the potentials and challenges of analyzing cultural data with AI and computational methods. The objective was to share with the scholarly community our current work on the project Visual Open Research Data (VORD). Our project aims to explore new methods for producing and accessing visual open research data in the Digital Humanities.

The workshop is envisioned as an intimate gathering with a small group of esteemed colleagues whom we admire and trust. Our goal is to provide you with a guided glimpse into our ongoing work and the computational pipelines we are developing. Together, we aim to assess the utility of these tools for advancing research in Digital Visual Studies and Digital Art History.


9:45 – Welcome and Introduction to VORD

10:00 – Project Application Demonstration

10:30 – Coffee Break

10:40 – Group Discussion: Exploring New Narratives

12:30 – Lunch Break


Date: May 10th, from 9:45 until 12:30

Venue: University of Zurich, RAK-E-6, Rämistrasse 73, 8006 Zürich

About VORD

VORD aims to enhance our understanding of cultural heritage by extracting quantitative information from vast artistic and visual cultural heritage databases. Through the utilization of diverse machine learning models, our project seeks to automatically extract a variety of visual features. This approach, distinct from traditional strategies, focuses on extracting and sharing metadata in common file formats, facilitating reuse and interoperability. While our project does not address interoperability issues between legacy database systems and data ontologies, it provides a valuable complement to existing methodologies.


Tristan Weddigen, Darío Negueruela del Castillo, Ana Zapata Guzmán, Iacopo Neri, Ludovica Schaerf, Pepe Ballesteros.