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AI & Cities 2024. Digital Double

Symposium 24-25 Oct.2024

Colors of AI. ICCC 2024 Workshop

Workshop ICCC. June 18th

AI and Computational Thinking in Digital Art History

Course, Spring Semester 2024 UZH

VORD Workshop

May 17, 2024. UZH

Ana Zapata

Scientific Collaborator. VORD

TextAIles: Color Manipulations in the Latent Space of StyleGAN3

Paper. Conf. Computer Vision and Image Analysis of Art. San Francisco

Datathink 2024 / AI & Cities

Winter School, Rome. Deadline 5 Feb

Distant Viewing Light Analysis of Figurative Paintings

Paper. Conf. Computer Vision and Image Analysis of Art.

Show me your hand

Round table at Istituto Svizzero, Rome, 17.01.23, 17h

New article: Cityscapes Transformed

Designing Digital Humanities. Disegno Journal, Dec 2024

Text-AI-Le: disentangled color directions

Paper - Cultural Data Analytics Conference 2023 in Tallinn

Clip & the City

STRAND Conference in Belgrade, 7th Dec 2023

Data, Dictum

Masterclass 29.11.23 Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Call for Applications: Postdoctoral Researcher

Postdoc in Computer Vision
Deadline January 10, 2024

What does AI do to Art History? Experiments in Art and Technology

Institute of Art History, University of Zurich, Nov 2 2023

Hiring! Mediator in Digital Visual Studies (closed)

50% Nov 2023-Nov 2024

New Methods for Visual Open Research Data in the Digital Humanities

VORD. New project. Sept 2023-Dec 2024

Transhistorical Urban Landscape as Hypermap

In ACM Hypertext Conference 2023

URBAN GIST. Encoding cities in foundation models

RGS-IBG Annual International Conference
Sept 1st, 2023

Dialectics of Light

Paper presented by Pepe Ballesteros VSAC 2023

_ Newly Formed City _ AI-Curation @ Helsinki Biennial

Helsinki. June-Sept 2023

CVPR Workshop ‘Ethical Considerations in Creative applications of Computer Vision’

Best Paper Award!
CVPR Workshop 2023

AI Estrangement in 3D

Talk by Immanuel Koh. May 23rd, 11:15
DVS Zurich

Changing perceptions. Decoding Early Modern painted hand gestures through computer vision

By Valentine Bernasconi. Changing Communication Techniques International Workshop, May 4, 2023

Synthetic Data in Art Historical Datasets? Considerations from Art Authentication

Presentation by Ludovica Schaerf. Zurich 21 April, 2023

Mimetic Dreams. The Cultural Significance of Multimodal Machine Learning Models Beyond Apophenia

Presentation by Darío Negueruela and Iacopo Neri. 21.April DSI UZH

Assessing the Evaluation of Image and Language Generation Methods

Event contribution presented by Jason Armitage on 21.4.2023

Dialectical Light: A Methodological Comparison

Presentation by Pepe Ballesteros.
DSI UZH Zurich 20 April 2023

The Reality Behind Body Pose Estimation on Paintings: Another Truth

Presentation by Valentine Bernasconi. Zurich DSI UZH 20 April, 2023

From Hype to Reality – Program & Registration

Symposium / 20-21 April
University of Zurich

Image systems and urban spatio-temporal navigation. Frédéric Kaplan

Feb 27. 2023 - 18h
Bibliotheca Hertziana and Vimeo

DATATHINK 2023. The City as Collection

Workshop at BHMPI, Rome
Feb 27-March 3, 2023

Call for Contributions – From Hype to Reality Symposium

Deadline: 26.02.2023
Symposium: 20-21.4.2023
UZH Zurich

Sensing like a (Multipli)city

Doctoral Course. EPFL
Jan 31-Feb 3, 2023

Talk and Workshop by SARI – Datathink

by Thomas Hänsli, March 2nd 2023 14:00 CET, BHMPI Rome

From Stylistic Concepts to Computational Metrics

Research Seminar contribution.
Styles Revisited: From Iconology to Digital Image Studies
University of Geneva, 23 Jan 2023

From Hype to Reality: Artificial Intelligence in the Study of Art and Culture

Strategic partnership with Cambridge Digital Humanities

Augmenting art history: a new story of the painted hand

Presentation at DARIAH CH Study Day, October 20th, 2022. Mendrisio

Decoding the Expression of Light

DARIAH-CH Study Day Presentation,
October 20th, 2022. Mendrisio

Multimodal Deep Learning in Digital Visual Studies

Presentation at DARIAH CH Study Day, 20th October 2022

The reverse gaze of satellite exploration – the reconstituted face of the earth

Aerial Spatial Revolution in Architecture and Urbanism. 21.5.2022

The Future of (Digital) Art History

Paper presentation, October 4, Zagreb

NEW CALL for Ph.D. Fellowships

Deadline Sept 25, 2022

Unexpected realities: uncertainty and interpretation in digital visual studies

Visual Science of Art Conference. Amsterdam 2022 - Symposium

Digital Double

Research Seminar - June 21st - 14:30-19:00

Festival of Ideas

From Concepts to Tools

Workshop in Rome @BHMPI Wed May 11, 10:12:30